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* GRI Equity Review, general notes and research

Demographic Data
*GDP per Head by country,
*Energy From Renewable Sources (1997)
- world market growth of 19% pa ...

Software Resources

*OpenOffice.org - excellent cross platform office suite for all operating systems.

* Mozilla - We recommend Seamonkey, the excellent browser integrated with mail, address book, IRC and web editor. For stad alone product use Firefox and Thunderbird. The software is fast, user friendly and robust. And best of all you can still read critical files if your system suffers a Windoze failure - critical files eg address books and mails, are accessible.

* Linux: We strongly recommend using Linux, particularly for business. It is virtually immune to viruses and is very stable. Transfer of legacy files is easy and it can read and write MS Office files. The costs of maintaining and upgrading a full range of software is very modest. The software is generally very fast and versions for the latest 64bit hardware are available (unlike Windoze). There will be a learning curve as you get used to the new look, but it is easier than changing from Win98 to XP or XP to Vista. The main distributions you should look into are SuSe (try openSuse), Mandrake, Red Hat's Fedora and Linspire - all are value for money, stable, secure and user-friendly.


BBC World
The Economist
Business Week
Red Herring
The Standard
McKinsey Quarterly
Tornado Insider


General investor resources are here.

General entrepreneur and business management resources are here.


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